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Blitzkrieg1701, November 6th, 2010, 9:05 pm

Original note - Nov 26, 2009
Okay, so here's what happened. I'm in the drama team at my church, and we traditionally do a big, week-long production thing around Halloween that requires a month or so of crazy preparation. However, that tradition was bucked the past two years, which also happened to be the two years in which I started attending AUSA. So, when we actually DID it again this year, it completely threw off my whole preparation routine (and really, I'm terrible at this sort of thing as it is)

(Historical note: AUSA 2010 is less than a week away as I write this, and my primary motivation all months has been "PLEASE don't procrastinate as bad as last year!")

And yeah, that's the MST3k Love Theme :D

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