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Blitzkrieg1701, November 6th, 2010, 9:14 pm

Original note - Nov 26, 2009
Don't get me wrong, I think steampunk is cool. The whole reason I bought said goggles in the Dealer's Room was so I could use them in a costume I'm working on. But still, it's kind of silly that i could just throw them onto a FANTASY costume for kicks and giggles and have people treat it like it's suddenly %100 pure steampunk. 'Cos people did, even though The Bard's getup looks NOTHING like your average victorian dandy or what have you. Okay sure, it's all brown and stuff, and that's kind of the default steampunk color, but still, really?

I guess Rainier Wolfcastle was wrong. The goggles, they do EVERYTHING.

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