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Blitzkrieg1701, November 6th, 2010, 10:29 pm

Original note - Feb 17, 2010
Okay, so time for a little story. One of the panels I really wanted to attend was the Dominic Deegan Q&A panel. Like everyone else who came by his table, I was told by Mookie that the panel would be at 7pm. That was, after all, what the schedule everyone received said. Well, some time Saturday morning, a Katsucon demi-god decided to bump that panel BACK to 5, meaning that pretty much everyone why actually wanted to SEE it lined up two hours late (it also meant that the panel was given to a bunch of people waiting for the Funimation industry panel to start) Now, here's where the story gets neat. Mookie came down to the room at 7, if only to apologize to everyone who missed the time change. That's a nice gesture in itself, but soon he was talking to the nearby staffers about taking over a different room to do a SECOND panel. Eventually, after much running around and talking into walkie-talkies, our friendly neighborhood staffers were able to secure an empty room for everyone. I though this was especially cool since, in all honesty, they would have been well within their rights to shrug, say "Well, that's why you always need to double check with the Info Desk" and run off to deal with the 457,435,054 other things going on at that moment. Instead, they took the time to fix the problem and attend to the need of the con-goers, which reflects very well on Katsucon (and ALMOST makes up for bumping the panel time around in the first place)

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