Comics - Yet another filler arc - page 4 - November 7th, 2010, 1:00 am

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Blitzkrieg1701, November 7th, 2010, 12:11 am

Original note - Jun 29, 2010
First off, I must confess that, despite all this build-up, I don't actually have this shirt available for sale just yet. With any luck, however, it SHOULD be available in the Drunk Duck Store by next week. Keep an eye out for a "store" button to appear around here in the near future.

(Historical note: Unfortunately, I don't have anything other than the DrunkDuck store to use right now. Sad face)

Wow, I think this page might even be longer than that one where Grumbles was introduced. The funny thing is, this is actually kind of a last minute thing. I "main" comic idea was another mash-up/crossover thing, but after three weeks of that, I really needed to do something else. Clearly, I had a lot of comic built up.

Oh, just in case you don't recognize all the little critters in today's comic, they are Scribbles: The Mascot of Writer's Block, Yoink: The Mascot of Plagiarism, Blah: The Mascot of Procrastination, Grumbles: The Mascot of Cynicism, and Zilch: The Mascot of Dazed Confusion.

Some of the references here might require references as well. Hopefully, everyone recognizes "YOUR HEAD A SPLODE" from Homestar Runner, but "I'm Famous on the Internet" was a shirt that Dominic Deegan creator Mookie sold for a while. I thought it was hilarious, but apparently no one else bought it, hence the whole "no one will recognize it" bit. (Ironically, between my drawing the page and writing this, I've found at least three other T-Shirts by other people that say this exact same thing. Yoink is quite pleased) Also, believe it or not, "potatoes" is actually a reference to something as well: the webcomic Not Enough BBQ (it doesn't make any more sense there, though)

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