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Blitzkrieg1701, November 18th, 2010, 4:46 am

I kind of struggled with the writing for this one, and I'm still not sure I made myself clear. The point isn't that writers who don't go to anime conventions are boring (remember, we began all this with a Hunter S. Thompson riff), nor is the rather self-evident fact that a person who IS cosplaying Jareth has earned the right to make such statements. The point here is the way I processed the statement that weekend as opposed to any other.

At the moment, it just seemed perfectly natural that an aspiring author would run around in wild costumes, do improv skits, and generally make a spectacle of himself as a means of promoting his work. We were all doing stuff like that anyway, so why not? It was only much latter that I realized how odd that would have sounded coming from, say, Steven King. I forget how weird we are, sometimes.

But yeah, the Self Publishing panel was really interesting. Said "flashy author" was J-F Bibeau, creator of Felsic Current and owner of Diplodocus Design.

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