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Tom Baker's ALSO always messing with the flow of time so that other people thing I've been rambling on about geeky stuff for longer than anyone should.
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Blitzkrieg1701, November 23rd, 2011, 4:31 am

I'm especially proud of this one. The decision to make a running gag out of The Doctor was VERY last minute, but I think it turned out very well!

Speaking of turned out well, the Digimon panel was AWESOME. Me and Viga were nervous about how it'd go, or whether or not anyone would actually show up Sunday morning, but all went very well... aside from the whole "running low on time with three seasons left to discus" part.

The whole thing was taped, so I'll post a link to the video as soon as it goes online (at which point you can all take part in the mortification I'll experience when I actually have to watch myself talking)

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