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If you go to conventions at all, you know this person five times over.
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Blitzkrieg1701, September 26th, 2012, 2:30 pm

I really had to restrain myself from spending half this update going "See, Anime Conventions are like THIS, and Intervention's like THIS", like the dorkiest stand up comic ever. It really hadn't dawned on my just how much I've limited myself to anime cons over the years, or how BIG those cons are. It felt like every five minutes I was going "Hey, THAT'S different!" You'd have gotten sick of it fast.

Still, I had to acknowledge this. I always try to make it to the Feedback session for any con, and this one felt VERY different from the ones I'm used to seeing. A big part was how much of a back-and-forth discussion it was, rather than just people taking turns delivering statements. What's more, most of the anime con feedback I hear is backwards looking: complaints about stuff that already happened. The overwhelming majority of the Intervention session was looking forward to stuff that could be done NEXT year. A benefit of still being a small, new convention? Probably, but still worth mentioning. besides, I gives me a chance to poke fun at con drama factories. I have a duty, folks.

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