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Blitzkrieg1701, February 21st, 2013, 3:33 am

*deep breath* Okay, here we go...

Katsucon wasn't the only event at the Gaylord that weekend, there was also this Jewish youth organization thing going on. This is far from the first time Katsucon's had to share space with another event. Heck, the first year in the Gaylord they had to coexist with the big anual army ball whatever... and everyone managed to get along fine!

...that didn't happen this year.

Now, there's a LOT more to be said about what went down this weekend than what I'm gonna discuss here, because that other stuff didn't happen to ME. I'm trying to make it official Conventional Wisdom policy that I only deal with stuff that I experienced personally, ESPECIALLY when it comes to complaining about stuff, because... Well, let's just say it's hard to separate Level 3 from Level 4 when you weren't actually there. (If you REALLY want to hear all the juicy stuff, just go poking around the internet. It won't take long to find stuff)

Now, what I DID experience was entire wings of the hotel being blocked off by this event, INCLUDING THE ELEVATORS AND THE GARAGE. You have to understand that the Gaylord is a VERY large facility, so "just going around" is a very lengthy, time-consuming matter... which we had to do a LOT. (And really, let's face it: YOU CAN'T BLOCK OFF PUBLIC ELEVATORS FOR YOUR PRIVATE EVENT, GUYS)

Oh, and just for the record: Cthulhu and ancient rome HAVE appeared in comic s b efore

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