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Blitzkrieg1701, May 31st, 2013, 12:18 am

Oh boy, I'm gonna make SOMEBODY mad with this one. There's always somebody complaining about SOMETHING with every con, and most of the time I try to avoid getting caught up in the middle of it. Conventions are big, complicated weekends where a LOT of different things happen. It's entirely possible for MEto only attend panels that turned out great and only interact with staffers who were awesome, while YOU encounter nothing but mismanaged events and crappy people. Neither one of us are "wrong", we just had different experiences.

But THIS is a little different, every year, I seem to come across more and more people waxing nostalgic about "the way Animazement USED to be" when it was back in the Sheraton Imperial and attracted many thousands fewer people. The argument goes that The Olde Animazement was a much smaller, more intimate affair whereas the current convention is too big and impersonal and dedicated to gimmicky events or whatever.

Now, I'm not about to try and start a debate over which incarnation of Animazement was "better" (even though I'm sure I can't stop one if anyone ELSE tries), partially because I think it's an absurd thing to do. Case in point: for all the nostalgia people pin on the place, the last two years in the Sheraton SUUUUUCKED. The convention had suddenly, DRASTICALLY outgrown the facility, and everything was a mess as a result. Heck, during that last year, they were holding panels IN TENTS IN THE PARKING LOT 'cos there just wasn't room in the hotel. Is THAT really something to get nostalgic over? No, of course it isn't, I'm deliberately picking on the worst examples to make the other guy look silly. Sorry, but that's just what us cynical guys do.

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