Comics - ConCONcon 2016: page 9 - March 31st, 2016, 11:00 pm

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Author Comments:

Blitzkrieg1701, March 31st, 2016, 8:05 pm

It's TOTALLY not because Ive been too bust drawing comics about conventions that only exist in my head! I mean, where would you even GET an idea like that?

Advertisement, November 14th, 2019, 11:35 am

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User Comments:

Ed8, April 1st, 2016, 2:20 pm

No more questions!!!
Audience member: "When are you going to do another Becky and Gilb?! Didn't you finish up the last one saying how the next installment would happen much sooner because you detest an unresolved cliffhanger? And that was like, 5 years ago! Hmmm?"

Another Audience member: "You think that's bad? What about Point Me At The Sky? That was like 7 years ago and you said that Chapter 3 would hopefully come faster than chapter 2 did? You're really going to leave that poor little bug guy all alone on a strange planet with his unrequited love?"

(Blitz runs out of room with mob of questioners following him)


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