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Miffy: Mascot of Nitpicking
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Blitzkrieg1701, January 20th, 2017, 2:42 am

I mentioned this several times last year, but enough people at MAGFest asked me where my table was that I apparently need to keep on announcing it: I'm not going to be selling things at cons anytime in the near future. I wasn't making enough money from it to justify the time & energy it takes to do that stuff, and even if I had been, it was also distracting too much from actually drawing new comics, which sort of defeated the whole point.

But that left the question of what to do with all these prints and booklets I had left over after my last con. Well, why not just give whole stacks of 'em away? I've already toyed with havi ng free giveaways to bring to cons, but I went WAAAAAY overboard this time. Big bags full of exclusive stuff, stacks of free books all over the place, free posters hidden in various locations for people to find. It was the Conventional Wisdom liquidation sale, EVERYTHING MUST GO! Of course, I couldn't actually bring EVERYTHING with me to MAGFest, expect even more free giveaways in the future!

Oh, and just for the record: since I'm not selling at cons anymore, pretty much the only way to support Conventional Wisdom now is through Patreon. Aside from the usual "exclusive extra comics" aspect, it's now the one thing that actually pays for the con trips that these comics come from. So if you want to keep seeing more, this is how you make it happen!

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