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"Bottom line: we can now say there's an official MST3k episode of Reptilicus, and that was always a thing that needed to be true."
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Blitzkrieg1701, July 20th, 2017, 12:04 pm

You know, it's funny. I originally wrote this page weeks before that filler comic about the FLCL sign, yet it works much better as the ironic sequel to that later one.

Some context, for those who don't have time to read the other comic: as much as I may have really nerdy interests, I really don't have a lot of patience for actually discussing most of it with other nerds. For example, I can't WAIT to spend the next six months explaining to people that it's been a good five years since I actually cared about anything Doctor Who does, and thus couldn't physically give less of a crap about who they cast as the next Doctor. It would make things SO much easier to be able to just announce in advance that a conversation isn't worth starting than to repeatedly have people bring it up and watch things awkwardly crash and burn in real time.

...AND YET, despite my conditioning myself to avoid this awkwardness, there actually ARE a handful of things where I actually tend to geek out WORSE than the poor soul who started the conversation. MST3k is most definitely one of those things. Discuss it around me at your own risk.

(Digimon's another one of those topics, by the way. Some see me illustrate this fact at the Digimon Tri panel at Otakon this year!)

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