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...oddly enough, though, it DOES seem to get more blue.  A lot more blue.
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Blitzkrieg1701, March 14th, 2018, 4:47 am

Don't worry, my wallet was safe and sound in the hotel room. What's more, they'd apparently given up on requiring a key card to get into the lobby by Saturday night, so I did not, in fact, freeze to death on the banks of the Potomac. They DID still require a card to work the elevator, though, so I had to creepily hand around the lobby until someone else when up and hop in after them.

And yes, I'm STILL going on about how cold it was MAGFest weekend. And it's not as if I dislike cold weather. It snowed down here earlier this weeks and I was happily wandering around in the middle of it like a crazy polar bear. But MAN the weather during MAGFest was something else entirely, especially for somebody who, remember, hadn't properly packed for that much walking around outside. While taking my luggage out to the van Sunday morning, I was was seriously legitimately no hyperbole whatsoever afraid my hands were getting frostbite. In fact, my fingers WERE weirdly blistered for several days afterwards. How's that for a fun con story?

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