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Finally, a comic that combines the mystery and the excitement of space with the Power and Force of MUSCLE!
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Blitzkrieg1701, July 29th, 2018, 10:25 pm

Here's some context... sort of. I have no idea why I was so obsessed with squeezing this into the update... but I think I have to make a full color version now.

Anyway, that's it for Animazement 2018! Sorry it took so long to get out the door, but be sure to come back for- ...oh sweet merciful crap, it's almost time for Otakon already, isn't it?

(DON'T FORGET: Otakon or no Otakon, there's STILL some more ANimazement comics coming directly to Patreon in the near future! If you donate ANYTHING< even just $1 a month, you'll have access to those comics the second they're done! Otakon gets more and more expensive every year, so anything you can give to keep Conventional Wisdom going will be a big help!

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