Comics - Otakon 2018 - page 17 - September 15th, 2018, 3:25 pm

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This is what it'll look like when I finally start my cult.
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Blitzkrieg1701, September 15th, 2018, 3:07 pm

Yeah, I wear this costume a lot. I make no apologies. ...thought I WILL point out that, at this point, every single individual part of the costume has been swapped out after the original got worn out. So, is it "really" the same costume anymore? Cosplay is deep, man.

Also,more faux-old-fashioned fancy words. Again, this is the sort of thing where I probably would have bumped one of these pages back to Patreon if I hadn't been in too much of a hurry to stop and worry about pacing.

Advertisement, April 22nd, 2019, 9:44 am

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